Holy Week and Easter Quiz

Compiled by Fr David


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1. On which day in Holy Week do we commemorate Christ’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem?

2. According to the 5th Station of the Cross who helped Jesus to carry his Cross

3. According to Mark’s Gospel which three disciples did Jesus take into the Garden of Gethsemane with him to pray?

4. On which day of Holy Week so we celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

5. Who was the disciple who cut off the ear of the High priest’s servant in a bid to prevent Jesus being arrested?

6. What is name of the servant in question 5?

7. What is the second Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary?

8. How many silver pieces did Judas receive for handing Jesus over to the authorities?

9. How did Judas identify Jesus to the soldiers when they came to arrest him?

10. Whose feet did Jesus wash according to St John at the end of the Last Supper?

11. True or False: Jesus washed the feet of Judas.?

12. According to St John which two men helped Jesus to get a proper Jewish burial?

13. Who wept for Jesus at the 8th Station of the Cross?

14. In which one of the four Gospels appears the dialogue with the two criminals to whom one of them Jesus says: “Today you will be with me in Paradise”?

15. How many of the 14 Stations of the Cross depict Jesus falling under the weight of the Cross?

16. At which Station of the Cross is Jesus given his Cross to carry?

17. According to St John in what three languages were written the inscription above the Cross of Jesus?

18. What is the First Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary?

19. At the Last Supper what did Jesus predict Peter would do three times before the cock crew?

20. What happened to Jesus at the 10th Station of The Cross?

21. What is the third Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary?

22. According to St John, how many women were at the Foot of the Cross?

23. In the Stations of the Cross at St Mary’s church in Burnley, what is Simon of Cyrene wearing that distinguishes him from the other characters?

24. According to the Synoptic Gospels how many hours of darkness fall upon the land from the 6th hour (Midday) on Good Friday?

25. According to St John, what did they use to get the sponge soaked in vinegar to give to Jesus to drink on the cross?

26. According to Matthew’s Gospel, what natural phenomenon occurred on the first Easter Sunday morning, prior to the Angel rolling back the stone of the tomb where Jesus was laid?

27. What is the First Glorious Mystery of the Rosary?

28. According to Luke’s Gospel to which village were two of Jesus’ disciples travelling on that first Easter Sunday when the Risen Jesus appears to them?

29. How many days does the Season of Easter last for?

30. What do we call the last day of the Easter Season?



Well done!



The answers:

1. Palm Sunday

2. Simon of Cyrene

3. Peter, James and John

4. Maundy Thursday

5. Simon Peter

6. Malchus

7. The Scourging at the pillar

8. Thirty

9. With a kiss

10. The disciples

11. True

12. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea

13. The women of Jerusalem

14. Luke

15. Three

16. Second

17. Hebrew, Latin and Greek

18. The Agony in the garden

19. To deny he knew Jesus

20. He was stripped of his garments

21. The Crowning with thorns

22. Four ~ (The Mother of Jesus, His Mother’s sister: Mary the wife of Clopas and Mary Magdalene.)

23. A hat

24. Three hours

25. A hyssop stick

26. An Earthquake

27. The Resurrection

28. Emmaus

29. Fifty

30. Pentecost


Hope you enjoyed this quiz, that it maybe led you deeper into the Paschal Mystery and learned something new. Many thanks for taking part.


Fr David