All-Church Groups

(and Occasional All-Church Announcements)


New Impact Group for Young People 

The Impact Group is for young people aged 13 to 17 years from our three parishes. For more details please contact Fr David.


YCW Group 

We are forming a new group for young adults aged 18 and over.  The Young Christian Workers (YCW) are an international movement, empowering young people to be leaders and to make a difference with their lives through their faith. For more information, please contact Fr K.




 Communication is a key element of modern life, for the Church as for every organisation. Our Parish want to make the faith, God’s love and parish activities known as widely and as effectively as it can.

The two main tools of our communication strategy are the Newsletter and the website.CP 1b sm

The Newsletter is produced weekly with news about what is happening in the parish, diocese and beyond – meetings, events, retreats, celebrations and so on. It lists services in the churches, with updates on changes from the normal patterns. It includes a weekly reflection by our parish priest on the liturgy for that weekend. The production of the Newsletter is assisted greatly by our ‘Folding Team’ which takes and folds the Newsletters each week, ready for distribution.

The website provides access about the parish to the wider community. It operates at two levels: the collective of the three parishes and has separate sections for each to the three. It reflects, in a less transient format, the content of the Newsletter. It has a strong focus on giving people access to the parishes. The location, maps, and contact details of the clerical team, as well as Mass and service times are a key feature. There are additional sections about the histories of the parishes, their war dead, as well as current news.

The Media group works to make the Newsletter and Website as accessible, readable and relevant as possible. Within each church community there is a small team working on feed-in for the Newsletter and maintenance and updating for the website.

We welcome feedback and ideas for both outlets. We also welcome offers of help on any aspect of our activities. Please contact Fr David, the Parish Priest, using the information or ‘Contact’ section in the website.





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