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St Mary’s Community Sponsorship Group


The group established itself about 18 months ago in response to the Syrian refugee crisis and Pope Francis’ appeal to all parishes to help where they can. A very enthusiastic group of parishioners from St Mary’s and Christ the King got together to work under the umbrella of Caritas and the Home Office, to sponsor a Syrian refugee family, identified by the UNHCR, and give them a new home, future and community. We have, with the help of both parishes, managed to raise the required £9,000 as well as furniture, household goods and clothes/toys for the children. A huge,  heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to all those parishioners who contributed so generously - it made all the difference!

We secured accommodation, which was renovated by parishioners and has become a wonderful home for our young family of four, who arrived with us in June 2018.

With the help of an ESOL teacher, paid for by the group, as well as many hours of additional English lessons by the teachers in the group, the parents, Mohamad and Fatima have already learned English very well. They are very motivated, keen and quick learners. Waleed, the oldest boy, is nearly four years old, is attending nursery and settling in very well. Abdulrahman is just one-year-old, and a cheerful little boy. The family is delightful, friendly, very hospitable, and it is wonderful and very rewarding to work with them.


If you want to join us and help us to support this lovely family, it is a great way to give practical meaning to the love of neighbour. There are many different things to do, everyone can help.

You can speak to Fr David if you want to get involved, or Maureen Howarth, John Swindell, Marie Evans, Trish Lunt or the Schmitgen family at St Mary’s, or Mike Morris at Christ the King (or call/text Catja Schmitgen on 07776 155229).

                            St Mary of the Assumption Community Sponsorship 100 Club Draw


The monthly 100 Club Draw has been running at St Mary’s since November 2017. It was established as a means to raise funds to go towards helping our Syrian refugee family. Entry into the draw costs £1 per number per week. You can pay weekly, monthly or in a single payment. You will be given a box set of envelopes which will be numbered and dated. Please put your money in the envelope and place it in the safe type box on the corner of the main Altar rails on the Sacred Heart Chapel side of the Sanctuary.

The draw will be made on the last Friday of each month and winners will be published in the bulletin. Cheques made out to the winners will be available for collection from the Sacristy.

At the moment we only have 72 members, hence there are 2 prizes each month 1st prize £70; 2nd prize £30. In month 12, which will be October 2019, there will be a grand prize draw 1st prize £250; 2nd prize £150.

The prize money will increase or decrease depending on the number of members. Please note that if payments are missed it will not be possible to include your number in the draw until and unless you make up missed payments.

New members from any of our churches will be very welcome. Please contact Maureen Howarth on 07971806157 should you wish to join.

Sincere thanks and may God bless your kindness.



The winners for September are: 

1st prize £70     21    Christine Chadwick 

2nd prize £30    71     Suzan Wood. 

Please collect your prize from St Mary’s Sacristy. 

St Mary’s Car Park Match-Day Marshalls—Pendleside Hospice



Thanks to the services of 17 volunteers this last football season, a grand total of £10,167 has been raised for parish funds from football supporters using our car park for matches at Turf Moor. This is an amazing amount of money!!Desiring to share our good fortune, on Thursday evening, the marshalling team gathered in the parish rooms and presented a cheque for £1000 to a representative from Pendleside Hospice in Burnley. The hospice are very touched and very grateful for this donation. Sincere thanks to all who are involved in offering this fine service to the wider community. We are very blessed.




The Next healing Mass at St Mary’s will take place at 12 Noon on Saturday 26th October. 


Bethany Group

 The Bethany Group is a support to those who have been bereaved. In a moment of deep emotional turmoil, the parishioners seek to show the request of the Lord, 'to love our neighbour' by being supportive where they can. Before the family meets with the priest, a pack is taken to the family, to help them in preparing the Liturgy for their loved one. The pack contains a breakdown of the liturgy, whether a Requiem Mass, Funeral Service, hymn book, Readings booklet and prayers for the bereaved. Also a Sympathy card is posted from the Parish family expressing real concern and love. A month later the team send out a Mass card.

On the day of the funeral, there will be a team from the Bethany Group who welcome those attending the service, direct them to their places, pointing out the toilet facilities in the Parish Rooms and help those who need easier access to the Church to use the ramp.

The liturgy group are part of the Bethany ministry and support the Bereaved by helping to lead the singing at the funeral.

The organist at Funerals is Mr. Michael Long and he is booked by the Funeral Director.



St Mary's Music for the Liturgy Group

The parish has had a long history of choirs as far back as 1817 in our first chapel at the Handbridge on Todmorden Road. When our new church was opened in 1849 the choir performed at the grand opening and the tradition has continued in various forms to this present day.

Our present music group was formed 2011 and comes together to support the Liturgy at 10:00 am Mass on Sundays and at Masses on Holy Days and on other special occasions. The group also sings at Weddings and Funerals.

We welcome any new members who wish to join us in singing the liturgy. You don’t need to be able to read music, but it is necessary to come to some practices to learn new hymns and to learn how to sing and develop as a group. We sing a wide range of old and modern music and enjoy coming together to praise the Lord in song.

We usually practice on Thursdays at 7p.m. in church, entry by the sacristy door.
If you wish to join come to the Sunday 10:00 am Mass, to the Towneley Chapel corner, or come to the practice on Thursdays at 7p.m. or call 07930508209 for more information.
Director:   Barbara McNamara

Head organist:   Michael Long

Assistant organist:   Eduardo Costa
The music group will also lead the hymns at Weddings and Funerals.

For Weddings:       Michael Long is our organist and arrangements for music can be made with him after the Vigil Mass 6 p.m. Saturday

For Funerals:         Michael is our organist and arrangements are usually made with him through the undertaker and the Priest. This arrangement needs to be confirmed so that the organist has the details.
If the family choose a different arrangement, please notify the undertaker and the Priest to avoid any confusion.        



We’re collecting any musical instruments to make them available in the parish of children to learn how to play them. We’re in touch with a charity—Music for the Many to see if they can help in this. 

There will be a collection of instruments—any and all are welcome, however simple from triangles, xylophones to guitars and violins. Please bring your instruments to the choir area in St Mary’s at the Sunday 27th Oct or 3 Nov after the 10.00am Mass. Everything welcome! Thank you.

Call Barbara on 424967 for more information



                                                     Reading Ministry


Readers perform a vital ministry for the benefit of the church and the congregation, reading from scriptures, specifically old and new testament readings and psalms along with bidding prayers during mass and other religious services (e.g. christenings, funeral services). The main time for their activity is at the Masses throughout the week, but especially on Sundays.

A rota is currently created of all volunteer readers, for the standard weekend and holy-day masses (vigil and daytime), indicating whether they read either the First reading and responsorial psalm or the Second reading and bidding prayers. Any rostered reader who is unable to meet their allocated times or dates are requested to arrange a stand-in. If they cannot, they should contact the coordinator (John Edmondson) for that gap to be covered.
In addition readers are asked to make themselves available at any midweek services or any service where a reader is required and not otherwise available.
Volunteers are welcomed and regularly requested via the church Newsletter and interested persons should contact either the parish priest or rota coordinator John Edmondson (01282 451517) to discuss any interest or even concerns regarding this role.

Readers at St Mary’s: A new readers' Rota is available in the sacristy.  Have you collected a copy of the 'new' rota from the scaristy? If not please do so. With recent changes ,there have been a couple of occassions when two or more readers have stood to read, causing confision . Please obtain a copy of the new rota, including a list of new readers and ensure you read at your allotted time only - unless agreed with the original reader i.e. on holiday or sick etc.                                                                                                                 

 If you wish to join the next rota please contact John Edmondson (01282 451527 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


Children's liturgy


There is a team of 5 people who lead the Children in a simple liturgy of the word in the Parish Rooms after leaving the Church at the beginning of the 10:00 am mass. After hearing God 's Word the children are invited to compete a simple worksheet, which is then brought up in the offertory and presented by the children.

The coordinator is Christine.


 Ministers of Holy Communion at St Mary’s

New rotas are being prepared for the 6.30pm Vigil and 10.00am Sunday Masses. Any Ministers of Holy Communion from the other churches in the new Parish of the Good Samaritan who would like to join the rotas at these Masses, please contact Marie Evans - 07427770970 or mariee-vans1042 Alternatively -Patricia Robinson, 01282428794.


 BAPTISM TEAM          


If you wish to have your child baptised come to the Sacristy in the church after 10:00 am Mass on the first Sunday of the month, next one is on November  3rd . The Sacristy is through the doorway on the righthand side of the church near the Sacred Heart altar.

They will fill in an information sheet with you and ask you to come to the information night in the presbytery to help you to prepare for your child’s Baptism. The meeting is later in that month.
The information night is informal and involves points of instruction about Baptism to help you understand the commitment you are making for you and your child. It is also an opportunity to chat together with Fr. David and the team, over a cup of tea and to ask any questions you may have.
Usually after this Fr. David will come to visit you in your home and talk to you about your child’s Baptism and the details of service itself. Fr. David will arrange the date of the Baptism.
The Baptism Team are Mary Mullin                     

Kath Young
Barbara McNamara



                                                                                                 FLOWER ARRANGING

altarIt is a great enhancement for our Masses and services to be conducted in an environment of dignity and beauty. Our flower arrangers achieve this with great skill, enthusiasm and commitment.

We enjoy doing the flower arrangements, as it gives deep satisfaction to give the service of enhancing the already beautiful church for the benefit of the people who come to worship and praise the Lord. Our work includes all aspects – from going to choosing the flowers to cleaning and tiding up - with the creative and enjoyable bits in the middle!

Flowers 1Flowers 2             



     Flowers 3

The team is happy to arrange flowers for those planning to marry here at St. Mary's, It helps greatly when those wishing to do this can do so meet the team. Joan Ashworth and Catherine McKie are available after the 10:00 am Mass on most Sunday mornings. They will discuss your wishes and agree the cost of the flowers.

They order the flowers and collect them from the retailers, bring them to church and create delightful displays, in keeping with the season of the church year.

We do our work on Friday mornings between 10.00am and 1.45am, except during Lent and Advent (when the altar is very simply presented). If you would like to be part of this team, please come to see Joan Ashworth or Catherine McKie after the 10:00 am Mass on most Sundays and have a chat about how you might help.


Grounds Maintenance


The grounds around the church are beautifully maintained and this is the result of the hard work by a team of volunteer parishioners. The team takes care of all aspects of the grounds – flowers, shrubs, lawns, trees, as well as keeping the pathways tidy and clear.

Their aims are:

  • To maintain and improve the grounds of the church and periphery, year on year;
  • General tidying-up, litter picking etc, and all gardening duties including lawn maintenance, weeding, pruning, planting and tree lopping.

Many of the plants are donated by the people of the parish and are lovingly cared for. Please consider whether you could add to the donations and make contact as below.

We are always open and welcoming to help in our maintenance work, and will give advice and guidance on gardening through this. If you can help please contact Andrew Carter in the Music Group after the 10:00 am Mass on Sundays.

Maintenance work takes place on Fridays from 9.00am onward, and throughout the week as and when time permits.




After the 10:00 am Mass there is a weekly parish get-together, building our fellowship and friendship in Christ at the Coffee Morning. It’s a lively, chatty and informal gathering where friends are made and friendships consolidated. Most importantly, it’s the opportunity for getting to know each other and to share our joys and difficulties. It’s entirely informal, justp pop in for as long as you want. It’s a great coming together for everyone!

The Ladies Guild organises the catering – tea, coffee, biscuits etc. They would welcome any time you could give to help run the Coffee Morning. They will show you the ropes, and help and support you in the routines. If you would like to help, drop in on any Sunday morning and talk with Maureen or Venita, or whoever is behind the counter on the Sunday that you call



The Home Produce Stall has been established to allow people to contribute to parish life, for the benefit and pleasure of others. It also provides a small but consistent flow of income for the parish.

People use their skills and talents to make goods for sale. Mainly it is edibles – cakes, mini-meals, bread etc, along with occasional donations of jam, marmalade, fresh fruit and veg, & plants. We welcome anything that has the tag ‘home produce’. We sell it at the Sunday Coffee Morning, so that people who may not otherwise be able to make major contributions of time and energy,  bring joy to people who relish their produce. 

You are invited to help in two possible ways. Firstly, can you contribute to the stall from you rskills and experience? Altrnatively, you could play ‘stall-holder of the week’! We have a rota of people who come and sell the goodies, which is a great opportunity for chat and make new friends.

If you want to help in either way, please call Frank or Barbara on 01282 424967 or 07713 718 700.


Thank you to everybody who has volunteered for the rota.






17th Feb

 Paul & Carol

7th Oct


24th Feb

 Pat & Bill

14th oct

 Lydia & John

3rd March


21st Oct

 Amanda & Anna

10th March

 Lydia & John

28th Oct


17th March


4th Nov

 Paul & Carol

24th March

 Amanda & Anna

11th Nov

 Pat & Bill

31st March

 Paul & Carol

18th Nov


7th April


25th Nov

 Lydia & John

14th April

21st April

 Happy Easter!

2nd Dec


28th April

 Pat & Bill

9th Dec

 Amanda & Anna

5th May


16th Dec

 Paul & Carol

12th May

 Lydia & John

23 Dec

6th Jan


19th May



26th May

 Amanda & Anna

13th Jan

 Pat & Bill

2nd June


20th Jan

 Lydia & John

9th June

 Paul & Carol

27th Jan


16th June

 Pat & Bill

3rd Feb


23rd June

 Lydia & John

10th Feb

 Amanda & Anna

30th June


If you are not able to be there on your allocated date, please see if you can swap with one of the other stall-holders. Catherine Sutcliffe is available as “first” reserve – number overleaf.



                                                                                             SOCIAL GROUP

As part of our spiritual growth, and community development, our social interaction can play a hugely positive role. It helps us to know and understand each other better, and so grow in God’s love.

Our social group is there to help arrange entertainment for all parishioners. we hope to bring together all age groups in a way that everyone enjoys. We also hope to raise much needed funds for our church.

Over the last ten years we have arranged many events, from major fundraising Car Boor Sales through concert in The KSC Club, and in Church, to smaller scale activities like our weekly Home Produce Stall. More recently we have arranged Afternoon Teas, Dinner Dances, a Photographic competitions from which we created and Christmas cards for sale in the parish.

We would love to see new faces who would bring new ideas. There are no regular meeting times/days, upcoming meetings being advertised in the parish bulletin. Once an event has been agreed, the members make themselves available to do the things needed to bring the event to fulfilment.

A warm welcome afforded any new members. Volunteers are welcome anytime and those interested in taking part in the Social Group can attend meetings as advertised in the Newsletter or contact the social group coordinator Venita Edmondson (01282 451517) to discuss any involvement or enquire further.

Ladies Guild


Our Guild is primarily a social gathering strengthening the community through their prayer and friendship. They also manage our Sunday Coffee Morning, which follows the 10:00 am Mass. The Ladies are also at the forefront if any event needs catering – from hot and cold drinks, to producing and/or serving sandwiches or other pre-prepared food.

The Ladies meet on the last Wednesday of every month at 1.00pm in St Mary’s Parish Rooms where the main agenda is a chat with tea and sandwiches. All ladies are very welcome to join them - just turn up and you will be most welcome.





The altar and the surrounding area, the Sanctuary are the focal point of all of our prayer life in church, particularly for our celebrations of Mass. Having this area prepared and looking beautiful adds greatly to the dignity of the services conducted there.
Our Sacristan has the responsibility for this work, setting everything up for the well-ordered celebrations of the services. It includes preparing the sacred vessels, vestments and other artefacts for the priests and celebrants.
Our sacristan also opens and locks up the church for services.
It is a busy and demanding role. If you would like to help with the work, please contact Fr David, the Parish Priest


 Counting Team

The team meet every week to count the collection and other monies. They complete the appropriate financial breakdown sheets and prepare the monies for banking. They then make payment of the monies into the bank. One member of the team attends the parish finance committee meetings which are held every four months.




We have a defibrillator at St Mary’s, provided by Lancashire Life Savers and the Ambulance Service, which is located on the side of the Parish Rooms.

To make best use of it (and for anyone who wants to be able to help in an emergency and be a life saver), there is free basic life support and defibrillator training on 26.10.19 and/or 2.11.19 (time TBA).

Could anyone who is interested please URGENTLY put their name on the list at church or email Catja at: 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The next hike is on Sunday 10th November leav-ing St Mary’s car park at 12.30pm. It will be about 6 miles (moderate) around Clowbridge. Please bring food and drink, and wear boots and water-proofs



This trip is now full. We leave from St Mary’s car park at 5.45pm on Friday 25th October. 

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