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Welcome to


Christ the King Church



(Incorporating the Church of St Teresa)


Address: Christ the King Roman Catholic Church, 9 Healey Ct, Burnley, BB11 2QJ

Phone via St Mary's Presbytery: 01282 422 007

Safeguarding Representative: Mike Morris,

Phone: 07563 998 334











We are planning to start gently with the introduction of some Sunday Masses in the parish starting next Sunday 13th September. Please note that this is just a temporary programme and we plan to expand this in the future if all goes well.

For now, this will be limited to just one Mass in each church and is a bit different to the usual Sunday

St Mary’s 9.30am*

St John’s 10.45am

Christ the King 5pm

*Please note that the 9.30am Mass from Sunday 9th August at St Mary’s will continue to be live-streamed, however as people will be present, there are some restrictions to remember including unfortunately being currently not permitted to have singing.

Because of the current restrictions on numbers able to attend our churches for services, we suggest that at the moment, people who can, come to weekday Masses and kindly leave Sunday Mass for those who are unavailable during the week. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation about this.

Suspending the Obligation: Because of the position the Church still finds herself in, the obligation for the faithful to attend Holy Mass on Sunday and on a Holy day of Obligation remains lifted until further notice. 



There will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament starting 30 minutes before all of the weekday Masses— Monday to Friday only. This is in addition to the regular Exposition and Reconciliation at St Mary's which will continue on Saturday 12th September, from10.30 to 11.30am.




You are invited to have a test to see if you are suffering from Covid. It’s free, and available on Centenary Way near the Gala Bingo, seven days a week, between 10.00am and 3.00pm. No booking needed. Just turn up. A parishioner who has been said it’s about a 20—30 minute wait. No injection—they just take a swab. It’s being done to help measure how many people have the infection so that the authorities can make informed decisions to help control and manage the disease, about when to end the Lockdown. And apart from reassuring yourself, you will be helping the community, and meeting our responsibilities as Christians.



Fr David continues to work to his successful ‘Festina Lente’ philosophy and we have now added an additional Mass at Christ the King to the established regular pattern of weekday Masses, which will be as follows during the coming week:

Mon 14th Aug: St Mary’s 9.30am / Christ the King 7pm

Tues 15th Aug: St Mary’s 9.30am / St John’s 12 Noon

Wed 16th Aug: St Mary’s 9.30am / St John’s 7pm

Thurs 17th Aug: St Mary’s 9.30am and 7pm / St John’s 10.30am

Fri 18th Aug: St Mary’s 9.30am

Sat 19th Aug: St Mary’s 9.30am  

We had hoped to be preparing for a limited number of Sunday Masses, but in the light of the return to partial lockdown these plans are on hold There will be opportunities for private prayer, Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Reconciliation 

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We’re E X P A N D I N G ! One of our Live Stream Team is leaving to join the navy – we’ll miss him badly and need to replace him – but we’re not only recruiting one volunteer to join our small team, we’re changing the way we work so we need two people!

If you can help us to live stream Sunday Masses for a couple of hours every other Sunday morning, ie one week in two, then we’d love to hear from you. The job’s not too tricky, full on-the-job training is given and lots of support is available. All you need to begin with is basic computer knowledge.

If you’d like to learn a new skill while at the same time providing an invaluable service to those who are not in a position to attend Mass, contact Mike Morris on 07929 451 566 or email him via webThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



A chance to discuss singing, and hopefully do some singing! We can’t sing indoors, but we will be discussing some of our favourite songs and talking about what singing means to us. If the weather is kind to us and we can sing outdoors.
We will learn some new songs that help us to think about our singing journey and the part we play in singing with others. But please come prepared to talk about your favourite, song, hymn, piece of music or poem. If you want to you could also bring a recording (on CD or pen drive) or the sheet music/words. Janet Swan is an experienced choir leader who has an interest in the stories we tell and how singing / being with others is crucial to our wellbeing.

It’s Minsteracres Retreat Centre in the North Pennines near Durham, with a suggested donation of £165 which includes all tuition, accommodation and meals.

For more information talk to Maria from St Johns who’s been before and is more than happy to have a chat about it - 07929 256406. Or go to song/, or contact the programme leader at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Piety Stall at Christ the King is taking orders for next year’s Catholic Diaries. If would like to buy one if they please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, saying how many you wish to buy.

They are usually about £2. We pray you will have more to put into it than this isolating year!



As we are resuming a temporary programme of Sunday Masses there will be an opportunity at all Masses (i.e. including weekday Masses) to place your offertory money, whether loose or in envelopes. The opportunity to do this will be on exiting the church at the end of Mass.


To contribute to the weekly church collection now that churches are closed, the diocese has set up a web page where you may make a single donation which will be transferred directly into our parish.

Go to

Select or enter the donation you wish to make and follow the simple instructions from there. Please do Gift Aid it if you pay tax —it adds 25% to the amount you’ve given. It’s planned that sometime soon you would be able to fill in a Standing Order to the parish and we’ll let you know when it is on the website. It’s fully recognised that some people will now be in a worsened financial position and less able to give at the moment so please do not feel obligated. Thank you.


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Since our last update members and friends have carried on delivering support to some of the so many in great need.

Our recent work has included:

  • Grant given to a family whose mum had died with Covid 19 for the father to purchase high school uniform for the son as they were in desperate need.
  • £200 given for electrical appliances for a new refugee.
  • Money given for gas , electricity (£30). Food bought for a family (£35).
  • Family referred to the Food Bank.
  • Emergency food parcels from St John’s presbytery.
  • We have continued to receive good quality furniture into our storerooms and been able to fulfil urgent needs to both New Neighbours Together and the people of our parish.
  • Grateful thanks for transporting goods inward and outward goes once again to ‘Ken’.
  • Grateful thanks also to Emmaus who are allowing to use of some of their space.
  • Week by week we have to collated and paid in the cash donations from St John’s to Blessed Trinity’s Just Giving site for the Food Bank.
  • Donations of good quality clothing, groceries and other useful items have been received. What we do is done in your name, and through your caring support. What we are able to do is sustained through prayer, your continuing spiritual support for us is begged. Last and far from least, we welcome to our new SVP Auxiliary member Danny. Thank you for joining us.


flower 1526743 1280PRAYER PETALS - HELP YOUR PRIEST!flower 1526743 1280

There’s a new ‘project’ on our website, which will help us to stay together as a community in the Lord, and an opportunity to engage with others who may be alone in their self-isolation. We know that even in these lockdown days, people often have busy lives but please take just 5 minutes of your day to watch the video from Sister Emmanuel which explains the idea on our Parish website.

In the video she says, priests are often subject to spiritual battle. But our priests are precious and need the protection of our prayers. In this parish, we have four priests who we see regularly, (in alphabetical order) Fathers Benneth, David, Emmanuel & Kevin, plus two others who give invaluable help from time to time - Fr Jennings & Mgr Challoner.

Once you've watched the video you may wish to make a ‘prayer flower’ by joining with others, maybe some others in your parish group such as the Legion of Mary, SVP, etc, or maybe you can call on six friends, perhaps fellow parishioners, with whom you can join in prayer. On the other hand, if you nearly have a full flower but are maybe seeking another petal or two, or perhaps you’re looking for a prayer flower to join, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to put you in touch. When you're ready, choose a priest to pray for, maybe one who celebrates Mass at your church, or one of the above priests chosen at random, or perhaps pray for all six as a group.  



If you need a paper copy of this Newsletter please contact Fr David tel 422007 with your name and address. He is happy to forward it to you. If you would like to include an item, or make a Mass Offering, please email your request by midday on Wednesdays. Sorry for the inconvenience.



business 4271251 640


These daily reflections from the parish clergy team are available on this link, each day. 

The Lord’s Day at Home sheets are available on this link and are great for providing sacred time at home while the churches are closed. 


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Mon 21st Sept: St Matthew

Tues 22nd Sept: Weekday

Wed 23rd Sept: St Pius Pietrelicina


Thurs 24th Sept: Our Lady of Walsingham

Fri 25th Sept: Weekday

Sat 26th Sept: Ss Cosmas and Damian



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We’re all deeply into our new way of life and most of us we need to look for the silver linings. Till things go back to normal, let’s try to cheer each other up. Parishioner Tony Waters, who many of you may know from St Mary’s, has contacted us with a brilliant idea. In the current climate, why not have a series of items on reasons to be cheerful?…we reckon that anything that lightens up some of the doom & gloom has got to be good! We’ll publish them on the website, and in the Newsletter when space allows.

Email us with your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Here’s one of our latest - on being allowed to ‘play out’ (for exercise)

  • So much unseasonal sunshine
  • People smiling because you are deliberately avoiding them
  • The fresh green of the springtime trees
  • Young families out together for their walk
  • Unexpected meetings and chats

Join the fun—share the joy! Tell us your Reasons to be Cheerful! 😃




"Everything in the site pulls you into the parish community.

It's like an invitation to belong to something special”

These are the wonderful words sent to our web manager this week from an admirer from the Parish Council of Magheralin Parish in Northern Ireland. She says she's had a good look at our website and was impressed - commenting especially on the dedication it takes to keep it up to date! She adds:

“Sincerely, well done with that design and to all contributors."

She ends by saying she will ask the other members of their Council to take a look - she wants to steal some of our ideas! Well done to the web team for their dedication, creativity and hard work. Well deserved praise. SHARE THE NEWS  - There are many people still self- isolating so make a call!

Read our wonderful newsy and topical parish website, and ring someone with the news and a chat to help with their isolation. Good fun too!


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Streamed Sunday Mass: Please note that Fr David and Fr Damien will concelebrate the 9.30am Mass on Sundays at St Mary’s and it will continue to be live-streamed. This Mass will be recorded and available to view later on Sunday morning, or early afternoon.

Privately Celebrated Masses: Fr Emmanuel will continue to celebrate Mass in private at 9.00am on Friday and Saturday.
Exposition and Reconciliation: St Mary’s church will again be open for private prayer before the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday 19th September from 10.30am to 11.30. During this time the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available in the Sacred Heart Chapel. Please note the change from Fridaysasinpreviousweeks.

Thank You: We have built excellent teams of stewards over the weeks and they do a really splendid job. Our thanks to them—without your help, none of this would be viable!


The National Shrine in Walsingham; 

The Good Shepherd parish in Colne;

You can also find the Readings for Mass each day on


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Papal Prayer Intention for May 2020

recycle 29227 640Respect for the Planet's Resources:

We pray that the planet's resources will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner.


social media 120Our Families:
We pray that today's families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance.

 These words from the Holy Father should help us while the Sacrament is not currently available:

“Do what the catechism says. It’s very clear. If you don’t find a priest to go to confession, speak to God. He’s your Father. Tell Him the truth: ‘Lord. I did this and this and this. Pardon me.’ Ask His forgiveness with all your heart with an act of contrition, and promise Him, ‘afterwards I will go to confession.’ “You will return to God’s grace immediately. You yourself can draw near, as the Catechism teaches us to God’s forgiveness, without having a priest at hand.”

"Every political social or religious project involves the inclusion or exclusion of the wounded, lying on the side of the road. Each day each of us faces the choice of being a good Samaritan or an indifferent bystander"

- Pope Francis, 2003

 ‘The temples of those who deny the Real Presence are like corpses. The Lord was taken away and we do not know where they have laid him’


‘No love. No friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever’

- Francois Mauriac 



This is the recognition of outstanding Voluntary Service—equivalent to an MBE.

Do you know of a worthy organisation that deserves to be rewarded?

If so, please put them forward. The deadline for this year is 25th September.

Further information is available from one of our parishioners at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




There is lots happening in the parish, and it’s hard to keep up! With the gradual release from lockdown, our ability to attend to pray and worship has changed. And this will go on, and we will keep everyone up to date in the Newsletter and on the website. Keep looking, keep up to date.
Add to this, Bishop John has decided on changes to the placement of our priests which also effects our Good Samaritan parish.


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Please note that Christ the King has suspended Foodbank collection during the unfolding Coronavirus situation.  

Blessed Trinity are now actively supporting the Foodbank, including being channel for your money donations. They have raised £2,375 so far! Well done!

If you want to make a money donation here is the website

Every local Spar shop should have a collection point for non-perishable food (and oranges!)

Website if you want to make a money donation: 


Offertory Collection

The diocese has set up a web page where you may make a single donation which will be transferred directly into our parish.

Go to

Select or enter the donation you wish to make and follow the simple instructions from there. Please do Gift Aid it if you pay tax —it adds 25% to the amount you’ve given. It’s planned that sometime soon you would be able to fill in a Standing Order to the parish and we’ll let you know when it is on the website. It’s fully recognised that some people will now be in a worsened financial position and less able to give at the moment so please do not feel obligated. Thank you.


CAFOD Pleas for Support


Once again thank you for donations of £65 received for Cafod’s work this past week. The need for so many of our sisters and brothers continues as Cafod works desperately to support so many at this difficult time. You would be amazed at the breadth of their work and you should be proud of your part in it.

We are preparing for a very special Harvest Fast Day on 9th October. There are lots of support materials plus a series of Zoom events to help people prepare to make it a high-impact event. Please go to https:// Have a look! Get involved!

“You have given with gentle kindness and selfless love, your generosity through these strange times has made such a positive difference.”

Do you work with children and young people in school, in the parish or in our community? If so CAFOD has a range of resources and ideas for the new academic year, just visit the CAFOD Group’s webpage for the link to find them.

CAFOD has joined with the UK Disasters Emergencies Committee to help millions of people whose lives are at risk, as coronavirus spreads across refugee camps and countries suffering conflict. CAFOD was able to respond as first cases hit Northern Syria. You can donate directly to CAFOD at to help CAFOD scale up its coronavirus response through our global Church family. 


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Christ the King

Community Gathering


Next dates for early 2020:




All at 7:15pm in Christ the King Presbytery


Come along to the next meeting – you'll be most welcome!





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